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Recap Pt1. by Todd/Torkk/CptnTiller

Reposted (w/o permission) from FB to refresh our memories

Recap Pt. 1
[start to inside city gates]- correct me as needed and I’ll update, I’m just going off my notes and memory which are light to say the least:
Dannas, Erloren, Guzzle, and Torkk journeyed to the remains of Erloren’s town to help him bury the dead that lay about town in the wake of the zombie attack. Afterwards, Guzzle went about town, finding what could be found, and Torkk started a f… never mind the two druids started a fire. Two approached them: Apakon [Sharptooth] and Chandra- returning from an unsuccessful quest. They came across the group and chatted, agreeing to stay the night with the party. While not off to a perfect start, they got along on various topics, most notably Dannas’ extreme interest in the polar bear head draped over Sharptooth’s shoulder.
Night began to fall and a watch order was agreed upon. First Chandra, then Sharptooth and Guzzle, then Torkk. During their shift, Guzzle chattered at Sharptooth, gaining information about goliaths as a peculiar fog began to creep in around them. They noted that the fog seemed odd and puzzled about its origin and supernatural feeling. Then the earth seemed to rumble and they wondered how much of it had been their imagination. After a few moments, it rumbled again, and they woke the rest of the party just in time for the earth to open up underneath them, sending them tumbling downwards to a deep dark cavern filled with scattered bones over a dirt floor. Sharptooth and Torkk were both minorly hurt in the fall, but with the assistance of Dannas’ goodberries they recovered their health. He pocketed the remainder for a time when the need may arrive. Chandra raised some dancing lights into the air, and while they were so deep the sky itself was hidden, they could see a path ahead of them leading through what appeared to be a catacombs of sorts – alcoves on either side of the path with bodies in them.
The party agreed to make their way down the path, traveling in a straight line for 4 miles, before pausing to rest. Dannas worked a detect magic spell which illuminated faintly at both ends of the tunnel they were in and suspecting they may be in some kind of unending magic tunnel Torkk etched his symbols into the right wall with the charcoal from a torch. This was for naught as they continued onward and eventually came upon an opening. A clearing was found on the outside and a dark night and pine trees. Guzzle climbed to the top of one of the trees to get a view of where the best route might be and as he did so, the howls of wolves punctuated the air. He discovered that a path to the west was the best way out, so the party moved to the path. Upon reaching it, the southwards path was shrowded in a mist very similar to the one that had surrounded them at their campsite, so they proceeded northwards, deciding nothing good could come from mist.
After a bit of travel, a stench of rotting meat filled the party’s noses and they decided to figure out the origin. a bit off the path they found the dead body of a messenger of some type, covered in wolf bites and disheveled. In it’s hand a blood soaked scroll which Erloren took from him and read aloud. The contents of the letter, which was from the burglemaster[?] of Barovia pleading it’s recipient to do good, drive away the vampires and stay away from him and his sick daughter [Isabella?] because they were lost souls.
Sufficiently creeped out, the party headed back to the path, to be greeted by a red wagon with two gypsy-esque folks at the front of it, named Ralemana and Valoted. They told the party that Barovia had a vampire in it, they call him the devil and we’re going there because Ms. Ava summoned us. Torkk inquired if they were vampires and they were not /vampires/ at least. So that’s… something? The two offered them some drink as they traveled, and to ease Torkk’s suspicion Dannas ran a purify spell over it so that they might all enjoy it without fear for poison. As they talked they a large city wall with a dark and looming gate that entered. The gates opened by themselves, adding to the creepy atmosphere of the city, most of the houses in which had boarded up doors and windows. Their cryptic hosts dropped them in the city, informing them that they would meet Ava soon, in their camp outside of the city.
Will do the rest soon <3



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