Apakon Sharptooth Kolakigone

Menacing Goliath Barbarian


Apakon Kolakigone was born to the Kathaal, a tribe of Goliath hunter-gatherers that follow game as it migrates through northeastern Faerûn. In the Spring of his fifth year, Apakon’s tribe was camped on the shores of Icelace Lake. They were preparing to follow the elk herds to the upper meadows. In the course of packing up the camp, Apakon wandered off and could not be found. Goliaths live a harsh existence and know life is fragile. So, Apakon was presumed dead, songs were sung for him, and the tribe moved on.
The following Spring, the tribe returned to Icelace Lake, as was their custom. As they were setting up their tents, Apakon came walking into camp, dirty, but very much alive. When asked by the camp elders how he survived, Apakon said he was taken in and nursed by a bear sow who had lost her cub. The elders doubted his story, assuming he had found another family to live with, and chided him for telling tales. Apakon became so frustrated that he went wild and bit off one of the chieftain’s fingers. This is how he earned the name Sharptooth.

Thirteen years later, a well-organized band of frost giants under the leadership of Jarl Raurekk roamed the mountains, hiring every young goliath they could find to build an ice fortress called Haladath. The giants promised the goliaths payment in gold and Dwarven weapons. However, when the ice fortress was finished, Raurekk’s soldiers shackled the goliaths together and began marching them north through the mountains to a land where night conquered day and the sun never rose. Many goliaths died along the way due to starvation, the bitter cold, and the cruelty of their captors. Realizing the gravity of their situation, Apakon and four other Goliath youths ambushed one their guards and managed to escape. They were beset by a snowstorm and their ragged party was divided. Apakon and one other young Goliath, Eglig, made their way through the storm, crossed the Great Glacier, and neared the Icerim Mountains, where they knew they could find shelter. As the ice gave way to the foothills of the mountain range, they were attacked by a polar bear. They fought bravely, but Eglig was killed. Apakon managed to slay the bear and, in honor of his fallen friend, made armor and weapons from the hide and bones of the fierce beast.

Apakon finally reached the high peaks of the Icerim mountains and found another Goliath tribe there. He told them his story and asked if they had encountered his tribe, the Kathaal. The elders said no, but Apakon feared they were not telling him the whole truth. After recovering, he left the Icerim mountains to return to Icelace Lake to wait for his tribe. As he waits, he lives off the land and trades furs and meat with the locals for the few goods he cannot craft himself.

Apakon Sharptooth Kolakigone

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