Aristar Dannendal

"One Without Knowledge"


Aristar Dannendal (Ah-rist-AHR Dahn-NEN-dəl), who goes by “Dannas” for short, was born to Elvish parents in the Forest of the Children twenty years ago. It is an ambiguous name, for those who might know something of Elvish.

The longest division of Elvish time, a yen, is 343 separate years, or coronari. Every 28 years is a great year, or Mirai Aurientina, longer than the others and functioning as a sort of leap year. The last day of a Mirai Aurientina and a Yen only occur together every 1,372 years, and so 1,372 years marks one Randa, or Great Cycle. In Elvish culture they are days of great moment. They are a day when the Elves may begin to fade or a day when they begin to flourish anew. But no matter what, the calendar is such that this day always falls on the last day of autumn.

Dannen, for Fallen, Dall, for Mist, and Obscurity. And hidden in the name was Dannas, which became her nickname, Autumn. The last child born to the Elves of the Forest of the Children in the Sixth Randa since the Burning of the Ships was Dannendal, named Fallen Mist. On the last day of Autumn, on the last day of Asar Aurientor, she came crying into the world.

In recognition of the strange fortune that brought them a child on such a bittersweet day as this, on the last day of Asar Aurientor seven years later, the parents of Dannas brought her to the Rindiarwain. This was the Eldest Circle of the Forest of the Children, who studied deeply the Druidic Magics. More than one of them had been alive to witness the Burning of the Ships, and they carried within them the memories of the people. They took in one child a year on Asar Aurientor, and on this day Dannas was selected from the handful who had been brought. Her parents bid her goodbye and she was folded into the arms of that Circle.

Fourteen years later, once more on the last day of Asar Aurientor, a young elf woman stepped from underneath the branches of the Forest of the Children. She did not glance back across her shoulder, for she knew what she must discover. She journeyed north.

Aristar Dannendal

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