Chandra Na'laar

Energetic High Elven Wizard/Pyromancer


Chandra was an orphaned child, growing up in the streets of the city.

Nerelius and Morgana Na’laar were Chandra’s parents. They were arcane magic students of the Sanctum of Rhleis. Her parents experimented with lots of different kinds of magics. In an attempt to figure out how to travel great distances using portals, they accidentally opened a portal to a dark dimension. They thought the portal they opened was sealed upon return, but after many months, something came through. A darkness that hunts them relentlessly for the intrusion into its dimension. A being of pure darkness and malevolence hunted the family for decades. The creature has no name, but it is drawn to (and eats) magic.

Chandra’s parents ran from this creature for many decades, eluding it here and there, shielding their presence as best they could. Along the way, Morgana became pregnant. Chandra grew up the first few years of her life on the run from a creature she couldn’t see. Her parents began to see powerful magical aptitude in Chandra at a very early age, and was not sure they could protect her from the hunter. He seemed drawn to it. They fled far to the south to hide their daughter in a far away city – one where their family was not known. Once they got to the biggest city they could find, they dropped Chandra off in a large crowd of people and then they vanished. They wanted to keep the beast away from Chandra as long as possible, so they continued running to lure it away.

Without any direction or knowledge of what to do, Chandra cried ‘till an old smuggler named Dartoth found her. He comforted her with sweets (this is why she’s hooked on sweets as an adult, and it’s a total weakness of hers) and took her to his brother Martok in the Thieve’s Guild. She was eventually taken in by Martok and his wife Lynde. Growing up in a thieves guild as an Elven child was surprisingly not a difficult transition for her. She took to basic thievery and lockpicking work like a professional, using her natural Elven grace through dexterity. She could fit in and out of small spaces with great ease, and just seemed to have the “Grace of Luck” necessary to be a skilled cutpurse.

One day, she picked the wrong pocket.

Magister Elan Aldagar noticed his coin purse missing one day while buying reagents for a trip he was taking back to his mountain sanctuary for the rest of the season. Fortunately he had a personalized coin in his pouch, so he could always track where it was. He tracked his coin pouch to an alley where Chandra was greedily counting her coins behind a pair of boxes. Not amused by her giddiness, Magister Aldagar polymorphed Chandra into a sheep and had a long conversation with her that she couldn’t ignore!

He sensed her raw magic ability and asked to her attempt a few basic cantrips. His jaw dropped when this small 8 year old high elf copied them effortlessly, but all the cantrips she cast had a fiery outline. Intrigued with her ability, he told her of the magic he studied, the places he could show her, and techniques he could teach her. She took him to Martok and the rest of her new family, and the Magister was NOT happy with the environment she was growing up in. With a flick of his cloak, he stunned the room and delivered one final speech. He said he’d never allow a child with this level of aptitude and talent grow up in a Thieves Guild – wasting her life crawling through windows and sneaking off to alleys with pouches of gold coin (Aldagar was a bit of a windbag).

Aldagar offered her something that she couldn’t refuse – a way to find her family. He offered her an apprenticeship so that she could tap in to the arcane around her and use it to give her meaning and her family back. Of course, she couldn’t turn this offer down! She basically ran off to study under Aldagar for a few decades.

Her adventure starts 15 days after her last day of apprenticeship. He’s deemed her worthy to set forth into the world, make her mark, and find her family. Also to kill a ton of undead.

She’s traveled north to find an elementalist she’d heard of from Aldagar. His name was Baloris the Attuned – a powerful shaman that walked the very planes of the elementals! He could shift his body into another elemental plane and live there with protection for years. Chandra found this fascinating, especially with her fiery magical attunement. Having the chance to study and learn from a person that lived on the Elemental Plane of Fire could offer her great insight into tapping further into her own power.

Chandra Na'laar

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